My Musical Life Story...




Santo was born in Sicily and spent part of his childhood in New Jersey.

 In the early 90’s he began studying with the composer and drummer Max Biaselli 

Graduated from the Liceo Artistico P. Klee in Genoa, Italy, which along with academics, also specialized in visual communication and design.

 In 2000 he continued his music studies at the Modern Music Academy in Milan.

He took private lessons with the renowned Italian drummer, Agostino Marangolo (Rome).

In 2010 he attended the Collective Music College in Manhattan.

In addition to pursuing his own studies, he’s also been a music teacher since 1998 at several institutions:

Liceo Scientifico Cassini, Genoa

Accademia Artistica Sinafe, Genoa

Città Della Musica, in Genoa

Farrington Music in Burlington, NJ. 

Santo  is member of the Sabian Education Network and he has been judge in many international drum conest like "Hit Like a Girl Contest" Conducted master classes in percussion at CDM and PercFest (2013-2014-2015), Italy which is an annual international musical festival and learning symposium.

He’s worked with many Italian jazz, latin, pop and rock bands and theatrical production companies.

He’s also collaborated with Franz di Cioccio (PFM), Emanuele Dabbono ( 5 Platinum record in 2016/ 2017) and numerous well-known artists of the Italian music scene.

He was dubbed the “Master of Musical Sensitivity” in the February 2012 issue of “Drum” magazine.

He is an artist endorser for both Rotodrum and Saluda cymbals.

Besides being a member of Emanuele Dabbono projects, Santo F. also currently works with the Terrence Brown Trio, Calomito, Clark Kent Phone Booth and the Italian-Argentine band Aparecidos, which tours Europe.  

His New personal album "What it Sounds" is coming soon...



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Lessons, Masterclass, Clinics

Drums lesson

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The Future..

For You..




Getting ready for our new album (D.Travis & S.Florelli)

03/017/2017  "St. Patrick Concert " Roxborough PA  "FT Live"



John Legend's saxophone player Korey Riker and me after our recording session



05/19/2017  Pivate Event at Glasboro Nj with "Subtonic Enterprise"



04/06/2017 "Kitchen" With Alberto Malnati - Genova (Italy)



03/017/2017  "St. Patrick Concert " Roxborough PA with Doug Travis.


03/04/2017 Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, Philadelphia PA "Subtonic Enterprise"



- 2017 - I have a pleasure to be judge at Hit Like a Girl Contest 





09/03/2016  "Concert for Thanksgiving" Roxborough PA



S.Florelli : New member of the Sabian Education Network




09/03/2016  Pivate Event at Atco Nj with "Subtonic Enterprise"



 07/07/2016 "Tavern on Ridge" Philadelphia PA with Doug Travis



06-25-2016  Alemante Festival 2016 (IT) With Emanuele dabbono 




06-19- 2016   ARCI (Acqua Santa Genova IT) Alberto Malnati and Marcello Milanese 




06/18/2016 Special guest saggio CDM (Genova)




05/26/2016 "Tavern on Ridge" Philadelphia PA with Doug Travis



05/12/2016 "Spring Festival" Philadelphia PA


 "Subtonic Enterprise" 

There's magic around you...


04/17/2016  "Art is Life" Roxborough Festival  PA



 03/05/2016 at "AVIANNA" Landsdowne, PA




 A Jazzy night with Alberto Malnati!





New collaboration with Joseph Tortorelli and Doug Jarvis


 Subtonic Enterprise Record coming soon!!








 Alemante Festival 2015 (IT)


 Great night...With Great musicians!







Are you ready for the next PercFest 2015?





Drum Masterclass


CDM Genoa  (IT)







Back in Philly !    (February 21 at warmdaddy's)






PercFest 2015 in chiave Jazz









The song writer of "Incanto" (The Best of TZN - Tiziano Ferro) is my friend and co worker Emanuele Dabbono.


  It’s certified triple platinum and has sold over 150,000 copies in a couple of weeks. Ema is the man!







Aparecidos 3rd Album:


Under Construction!! ( February 2015 )






Strumenti Musicali


"Percfest Article" October 2014






EQ The Band


Live at Firehouse cafe'


 (Mount Holly NJ)





Alemante Festival (IT) 2014


with Emanuele dabbono,


Matteo Cerboncini


and Samuele Puppo


Video Live!



Audix: The best choice for drummers!




Live 04/0514 Dr.Lou's Place


(Bulington County) NJ 


 "EQ Funk band"





On the Road! US Tour!




New Article


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine


December 2013 Issue




Drum Teacher in Burlington NJ!






New Article on "SM


Magazine"  September








(Expo' Genova) Calomito Live









"Alemante Festival"


 Genova Italy 29/06/13







     (Live Video!) 








21/06/13 PERCFEST(SV) Italy









Clarc Kent Phone -Sarzana-


 Acoustic Guitar Meeting  (23-05-13)









New interview on 


DDG Drums (March 2013)




New Album Aparecidos


 (Palito Bombon Helado)





Interview on

 "Strimenti Musicali Magazine"

 (DEC 2012 Issue)


          CLINIC FOR MAX 


          Jan 25th Pinguicola (GE) Italy


Sato Florelli: 

Master of Musical Sensitivity

DRUM Magazine 



Project with

Terrence Brown Trio